Humble Beginning

Celestial Ambitions

The TRIAD Evolution

We trace our origins to a Trade Marketing Agency, we developed a deep understanding of the market dynamics, and over time, we began developing our own software and technologies to manage these activities for our clients.

As the software and technology solutions gained popularity, we decided to spin off this business as a separate entity – TRIAD Technologies. Today, we exist at the intersection where offline sales meets marketing, offering cutting-edge software and technology solutions to empower the sales and marketing functions of our clients.

At TRIAD Technologies, we bring more than just cutting-edge technology to the table. Our team has a deep understanding of the sales and marketing functions and the unique challenges that come with managing the sales and marketing functions in the real world.

Our expertise and depth of domain understanding has been recognized by a brand like Amazon. They trusted us to create a tech ecosystem ground up for their offline sales in India. This was not just because of our software development chops, but also because of our domain depth and our ability to understand the nuances of offline sales in the Indian market. Today our product powers the entire offline sales technology for Amazon devices in India.


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Company We Keep

Off the shelf yet tailor-made

Our extensive domain expertise in offline sales and marketing enables us to develop products that meet unique business requirements. Leveraging this deep knowledge, we have already built successful solutions in the offline sales and marketing domain. Through our agile development approach, we continuously refine and enhance our products to ensure a perfect fit for your business. Our ongoing development process allows us to incorporate your feedback, resulting in a solution that deeply aligns with your specific needs. With our commitment to agile development, you can expect a solution that is finely tuned to optimize your sales and marketing efforts.